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A plane I don't use much..

david weaver
Years ago, I had a gaggle of stanley style planes, and I didn't use most of them. I sold most of them off, along with all of my lie nielsen planes, and now I've only got two planes I don't use much.

This record 08 is one of those two. It was relatively difficult at the time to find a decent vintage 08 (vs the many modern planes around that are decent but not as good of quality) and this one has a full iron, too - with the factory grind.

I got this one around the same time as the I. Sorby jointer (#7) that I pictured in another thread. That one is the best vintage plane I've ever had.

I got both of these planes after ebay set up their global shipping program, but both are apparently valuable in the UK (compared to 4 1/2s, which you can get for $25-$35 on the UK side sometimes). I think the I. Sorby and the record cost me about $475 including shipping for both (on straight up auctions) - a surprise, as the English don't have as much attachment to common older tools as we do.

The record is a good plane, but I don't find any substance to their advertising about the "crucible" irons. They're about as good as stanley irons, but some are a tad soft.


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A plane I don't use much..
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