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Cheesy Imgur Gallery of the wheel, etc
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$50 CBN Wheel ()

David Weaver
This is a safe link to click on. I think it's a low-market-share millennial type site, because my posts get neutral feedback at best, but it's free for me to post on.


Just upon inspection, I don't think there's a quality difference between these and the US seller origin "spartan" type wheels for double the price. I know some of the sellers will sort out the wheels with small defects and sell them for a discount (that's how I found WTW on ebay and then eventually Vince's site).

Up to everyone on their principles. I don't object to either way (buying the commodity from the origin or using a dealer with good support - I've done both), but don't ascribe to the idea that buying from the source is a huge risk.

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$50 CBN Wheel
Cheesy Imgur Gallery of the wheel, etc
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