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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Derek....I assume your scraper can be/is used on each side/face, not an insignificant advantage over a bevel on a thin scraper?

Bill, all my scrapers can be used on both sides. The thick one is no different.

Ideally, when hollow grinding, one hits the centre of the blade and this creates an equal wire on opposing sides. However, this is not essential. The blade is forgiving. Sometimes I get one edge only, and then I flip the blade and get the other edge. There does not appear to be much of an issue - what seems to be important is that there is a wire. Being hand held, the hand compensates with the angle presented to the wood. Having said this, it takes a few seconds to centre the blade, and this is preferred, if only because there is a time saving as well as a consistency.

I'll try and get some more photos, and even perhaps a video, this weekend.

Regards from Perth


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