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Wiley Horne
Hi all,

I need to make a repair to a Bedrock plane, and I’ve not done this particular fix before and would appreciate your help. The repair is to replace the lateral lever. The one that came with the plane is missing its dorsal fin, and was falling-out loose. The Bedrock is a Type 6 (1912-21). I bought an older lateral lever that looked very handsome.

Here is the Bedrock frog. It is positioned over a hammer head serving as an anvil. The post in the center attaches the lateral lever to the frog. The key thing is that the post end needs to be peened enough to affix the lever, but loose enough that the post will still turn in the hole to provide the lateral action.


There are three punches shown: from the bottom, is a center punch, then a small nail set, then a little larger nail set. Here is a closeup of the three punches in relation to the post:


QUESTION: How would you go about the peening? Left to my own devices, I would use the center punch or the smaller nail set to tap around the periphery of the post, a little ways in from the edge and angled out a little, trying to flare the very end of the post while leaving it free to rotate.

But I haven’t done this job before, and have no machinist experience. Any opinions on how to proceed?

Thanks, Wiley


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