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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Bill, this is the easiest tool to use. It is one of my favourite tools.

The steel is 3/16" thick. It came from the rear of a Veritas O1 plane blade, which I had shortened to use in a plane I built.

There is no heat build up.

There is no preparation for the edge beyond a hollow grind. The grind is stopped as soon as a fine wire is felt.

It is amazing how easy it is to peel off shavings, effortlessly.

On the left are from the curved edge; on the right, the straight section (these look like they were taken more cross the grain) ...

The finish is excellent. It can be improved on, of course, but many would be happy to finish on it.

Here's the outside of a curved drawer. The wood is hard, figured Jarrah. It is quite interlocked. It was first planed across the grain, and then finished with a small smoother. There are scallops from cross grain planing ...

... and there is tear out from the HNT Gordon palm smoother in spite of the 60 degree cutting angle ...

The scraper easily removes the tearout and maintains the level ...

The surface was sanded with 400 grit to remove any tool marks (it is the outside of a drawer for a chest). On the right side you can see the difference made by a thin scraper ...

Regards from Perth


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