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William Duffield
I'm off on a tangent again, but this seems like a good place to ask my question, since it has some relationship to a few of the subjects we have been discussing lately.

I have been working some purpleheart lately with a mix of power and hand tools. I have had lots of curves to cut on the bandsaw. (Maybe I should be using a metal cutting bandsaw on this stuff :D ) The purpleheart is oily and abrasive. The sawdust it produces tends to clog the teeth of the saw, so cutting slows down and more heat is produced, turning the purpleheart black. Of course, none of this is good for the bandsaw blade, either. It doesn't seem like the wax you recommend is correct for this application, but I've tried beeswax and PTFE, and am dissatisfied with the results. Currently, I'm stopping the cut every few inches and cleaning the blade with a wire brush.

Any better recommendations for keeping the teeth clear?

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