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Re: wood-database-how do I use it

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
There are at least 4 important metal attributes- hardness, at least two kinds of abrasion resistance and toughness. I don't know whether a hard silica containing wood like you used for the end grain study challenges these variables equivalent to wood I typically use. So to be forthcoming, when you report on a tool evaluation, or technique, using one of these atypical furniture woods I have some reservation about the conclusion's relevance to what I do, again carefully chosen words. A reservation means you got my attention, but, I need more data to reach a conclusion.

Bill, you must not compare my research to that of David’s. David went above-and-beyond. It was a mammoth effort, and he covered a lot of bases. Clearly, David is certifiable! :) By comparison, my effort is small stuff. The goals I aimed at 8 years ago were more modest. Frankly, I do not know if I would now want to do anything even like that again. It is exhausting - not just the woodwork, and not just the writing, but finding that you cannot please all.

Regards from Perth


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