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david weaver
I've done the same thing. I think I've even done it to Bill and I know I've hassled someone on another forum who is a diligent researcher (but sometimes off the market about what he's looking for).

I'd love to offer the magic solution for forums to get to the point that they're only positive and they are filled with design and construction of things, but I've never figured that out, as anything I've gone to the trouble to document building generally is seen and disappears into the ether pretty quickly due to lack of response.

I think the issue with it is that for a lot of people, it's really not relatable. Only the odd (fascination) and the simple (relatable) are.

The sharpening and steel topics are punishing for those not involved, and the natural tendency (for everyone) to focus on the negative first draws everyone in. If that wasn't the case, pro wrestling wouldn't have used heels to draw people in. I'm not wired like the average person and tend to repeat things that I find fascinating over and over to continue to get more resolution or explore further, and that adds to the punishment. I like constructive negative reactions from people, too (non-constructive, not so much, but tending toward indifferent), because people tend to say what they think when they disagree with you, and you can learn.

(i forgot - people like topics that encourage them to buy things, too. It's a false sense of improvement that takes almost no effort to go along with "just tell me what to get, what to do...don't tell me to go experiment and figure something out").

In fairness, it's a bit of an understatement to say that I don't excel at responding to people who offer open ended criticism without arguing a particular point, either. Part of it is just bad behavior/temper, and part is the hope that egging people on will result in them sharing something I don't know.

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