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Re: consider gunsmith screwdrivers

William Duffield

I assure you, I make at least as many mistakes as anyone else. It was not an original idea, but it is not as well known a trick as it should be. I heard it first many years ago, but have forgotten who I heard it from, otherwise I would give him credit. I did mention it to one of our suppliers of brass screws, and I think he took took the idea back to his management so they could start to include one matching steel screw in each box of brass screws they sold. An important detail is that the thread pitch of the steel screw must be the same as the brass screws. And it helps to wax the steel screw too. So, why use brass screws with brass hinges? It's not just aesthetics or tradition. Dissimilar metals can promote corrosion, especially if in a damp environment. While we are on the subject of damp, don't use soap instead of wax. Soap is hygroscopic (which means it can absorb even more water that what is built into it).

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