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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Check my memory....David planed for hundreds of feet of end grain on a wood whose properties are to be found in typical "furniture" wood. You planed a few 10's of passes on a 6" board to failure.

1. I am skeptical I could look in the wood data base predict this difference.

2. If my recollection of this comparison is about correct, these two species are in a different woodworking universe. I am therefore skeptical that testing on one will have any predictive information on the other. The data is no more relevant than LV testing MDF.

Maybe you test these unknown to the western world species because they are relevant to woodworkers in your area. The US exports hardwood lumber throughout the world. It will be easier for most to interpret results of testing techniques and tools if testing is done on stuff most people use.

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