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If it becomes available in .125 or .140

david weaver
It will replace a couple of my infill plane irons. the spec sheet for XHP says it's available from .103 to .250 or something of that sort in sheets as big as 12 inches wide and 48 long.

6x36 is big enough to make 10 irons of any size for any stanley planes, more if some of the irons are less than 2 inches, of course. It also leaves a center piece for me to make a knife, but the cost is $340 with tax, so it's not insignificant from the point of view of someone like me who will buy stock, make a few irons and then set the stock aside.

Personally (and this is just a thing of mine), irons will get surface rust here and there in my shop, unless they're kept over in my dry and heated and cooled basement. I'd rather save the Ward irons for future users (there will always be a demand for them since they were stock on norris and spiers planes) and put them somewhere that they won't rust.

So, if stock shows up on SB steel's page and is ground and finished like the .094" finished material, but .125-.140, I will buy it and make a few irons, and maybe take the opportunity to make the aesthetics a little bit more interesting. I never remember anything, but i'm afraid if I send them a request right now, they may have the stock on hand, but at a price that I don't feel like paying at the moment. Knife blank resellers buy the stock, and cut it into smaller blanks (and then mark it up accordingly), but the thicker stock is in blanks too narrow to make infill irons - and generally out of stock, too.

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