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Re: What made David's results so convicing

Warren in Lancaster, PA
I tried one of David's experiments with a 1915 plane iron. I did the cherry end grain experiment, even going so far as to use the same width board a David (a lot of wear occurs at the very beginning of the stroke). I did 801 feet before losing interest, more than David did for either iron. This kind of work is not only boring, but is hard on the body, which is something we try to be sensitive to so we can work the next day also. It is more efficient to sharpen more often. Results beyond the point where we would sharpen are not very significant.

I tried to duplicate Derek's chisel experiments some years ago. My 19th century chisels out performed all of his selections by a lot, even in jarrah. (A note about jarrah: Derek told us on this forum that we could not plane jarrah with a Stanley plane. Jarrah was so hyped up on this forum that even people who never saw jarrah were telling me I could not plane jarrah. In fact it is trivial.)

Finally, I have to say that there is something odd about a guy who spends months making a corner cupboard and cannot find a minute and a half to sharpen a plane iron. Something not quite rational there.

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