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Hollows and Rounds.

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
I've always wanted a set of hollows and rounds, or even a half set. That's not something I could afford. But I was at an outdoor antique thing over the weekend and a guy hand a table full of old wooden planes.

I found these two. They aren't matched (the hollow is a little bigger than the round) but seem to be in decent shape. They were cheap enough I bought them.
I figured I could play around with them and learn a bit.

Sorry the pics are all bass akwards.

Maybe I'll ask Santa for “Mouldings in Practice” by Matthew Sheldon Bickford this year.

Couple questions-

So, I can sharpen my regular plans well enough to plane the woods I use; cherry and walnut mostly, but I don't know how to sharpen an iron with a profile. I presume you would begin with flattening the back, how to do the profile.

I have a wood beading plane I tried to sharpen and ruined with my dremel a couple years ago...

Once sharpened, how do you use these? How do you adjust and so on?

Thanks for any feed back.







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