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What made David's results so convicing

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Most important, the data set was internally and externally consistent. The data didn't disagree with results from related experiments done by LV, Kees and Derek. And the data from David's various experiments didn't disagree with one another. Recall the kerfuffle a while back when I criticized the hardness research published by someone I don't remember. It was internally and externally inconsistent, a red flag for unreliable results.

The data was collected with a relevant experiment, with a well planed experimental design, whose details were revealed.....FINALLY. David planed wood used to make furniture under conditions commonly used to plane wood, with important variables randomized. The problem I have with Derek's results from most of what he does is the question of whether results on wood whose properties are unfamiliar to me will translate to the hardwoods 99+% of the world uses for furniture. I don't work wood that is abrasive and/or exceptionally hard. Tools and techniques for such wood may not be relevant to what I do.

We now have an explanation for the seemingly contradictory claim of sharpens easily, yet has long edge life. These are know properties of particle steel.

Icing on the cake is David's credibility. It is normal to begin experiments with a hypothesis. The sign of a credible researcher is the quick adaptation of the hypothesis to the data.

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