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Re: ordered Lee Valley PM V11 blades today

David Weaver
I made two more of XHP the last two days. Now all of the metal planes that I use except for infills (which I don't use often) have XHP irons. OF course, the cost making the XHP irons is almost the same as having LV's irons.

I've got one more to make for a plane that I don't use often (an older Record 8) and then I'll still have enough stock to make nine more irons.

One of the reasons that I never got many of the irons was because I didn't know what they were. Also, made the mistake of relying on what I thought was occurring for edge life, but that was stunted by comparing performance in end grain as well as two unlike planes.

It's not as easy to make irons out of XHP as O1, but it's not that bad now with a few under my belt. They do stay flatter, even in an oil quench. Which is good, because flattening the back of one is a little greasy feeling.

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