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ordered Lee Valley PM V11 blades today

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
On the basis of David's research I concluded that the 2X longer edge life for the kind of work I do with a plane is worth the exchange cost. Hock 0-1 blades will be appearing soon on the after market.

I don't understand marketing, but I find it fascinating to watch. Unlike the knife makers, LV chose to make the metal a secret. Why the difference? Then they chose to make claims based on testing that seemed remote from normal use of a plane. Why didn't they plane wood? And the claims didn't make sense- longer edge life but sharpens easily. How can that be?

I think I must be some 3 sigma tail of customer. Marketing usually misses the mark with me. When I had relevant edge life data and an explanation of the edge life-sharpening quandary then I became a customer. Too bad but a sliver of the potential market will ever see these data.

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