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Thank you David!

Wiley Horne
Hi All,

I had the good fortune yesterday afternoon, of receiving a smallish package from David Weaver. To backtrack, a few days ago I got an email from David, who was then neck deep in his projects, asking if I had a No.4. I admitted to it, and he then said he was sending a package.

Well the package came. And upon opening it, I found this,


One of his hard-fought XHP irons attached to an LN cap iron!

Well. This professionally finished blade set did not bear out David’s “aw shucks, I jess drilled and sawed and took a file to it and then hit it with a bigger hammer” description of his fabrication methods! This thing is beautiful and finished to a fare-thee-well. Metal has a nice tone, almost a patina.

He sent it ready to work, and I was interested in the cap iron setting—took a mental image of it. It was about what you or I would do if we said to ourselves, I’m gonna set this thing real close, but not disappearingly close.

One thing I found aesthetically nice was the rounded top—said he did it by eye. I put the blade set in an LN4,


David had said there was about 200 feet on it, but it felt fresh and really smooth in the birch stick.

I had the instant feeling that this is the last iron this LN4 is ever going to see. It’s perfect. So the excellent LV PM V11 that was in it is going into a Bedrock 605 Type 6 (meep) that is on its way from that auction site.

Thank you David, and thanks to others for reading this far.


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