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Think of all of the things being a HT user..

david weaver
...allows you to do in a given week. Thinking about this in the "this topic is draining" vein, and how stepping aside of my habit of getting way into the rabbit hole, when I think about what I do from day to day, it's uncommon for more than a couple of days to go by where I don't do something with the hand tool skills that I never thought I'd do.

In the past week, instead of passing along a guitar with bad and sticky feeling inlays, I replaced them. If I was a power tool normite, I would likely not do those things, especially not replacing $400 or more of shop rate work from a guitar tech in 6 hours. It was enjoyable.

I fixed one of the kids' jump ropes yesterday, cut custom padding for a box with one of the file "smash knives" and late last week cut some of my shop scrap into blocks for the kids, but they wanted them to be irregular and have beveled edges (no clue why).

I must fix 3 things a week that break. Not sure if that encourages the house product testers to continue to break things at a faster rate or not.

Sharpened several kitchen knives by hand in the last week and trimmed a tight door.

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Think of all of the things being a HT user..
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Don't forget slicing *PIC*
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