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Re: “OK” doesn’t quite get it, Bill

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I don't use any "store bought" moldings, ever. I find that I can scrape a molding surprisingly fast. I never need more than 4'.

Getting the hump and other irregularities out of the place the molding was to lay, and then fitting it, took several hours. Nobody would even pay me for what I make. Too slow. But, I never do enough of the same thing to ever get fast. There were endless 1sts on this corner cupboard.

There is a show at a nearby museum featuring Period and contemporary furniture from the area. In colonial times there were numerous cabinet makers in Greenville, TN and Abingdon, VA, the end of the Crooked Road that connected to Philly and then on to New Orleans by boat on Holston, TN and Miss. River.

There are some attractive and creative contemporary pieces displayed among the Period pieces. But I recoiled at "soft close" drawer hardware on a desk that had no need for a hardware assisted drawer. Kitchen hardware has NO place in fine furniture. I don't understand why I find it often in the product of young cabinet makers. Who is teaching this stuff is acceptable? It will eventually break or rust and then how can it be fixed 75 years from now? Thankfully I don't see it in similar furniture from the Krenov school.

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