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Hand plane to the rescue *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I am installing the crown molding to the top of the corner cupboard (see post Main Board). Shown is the top rail of the top unit. I have a bad enough time installing crown anyway but this situation had me flummoxed for a bit. There was a hump where the knot is (knot will be hidden under crown) and the stiles are not exactly in the same plane as the rail. The crown stick teetered on the knot hump and the miters didn't align at the ends.

The solution was to plane the whole affair flat. Now I see why you serious planers speak of planing fatigue. It takes some push to shave a knot.

(top of corner cupboard view)
I certainly had not anticipated needing to plane this gnarly piece of wood. Grain is going every which a way. The wonderful invention of the cap iron led to no tear out, Yea! Even the knot planed smooth.

Yet, to quote the Lee Valley literature,

"A cap iron serves to stiffen a plane blade, helping to damp vibration and reduce the potential for blade chatter. "

Why do they deny the true function of this device?

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