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I'm underestimating planing

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
David's work made me think more about planing. I was fitting a door today. I began to keep track of plane strokes. It didn't seem like much. Swish swish here and a swish swish there. Test fit. More swishing. More testing. Add a relief bevel. About a 1000' feet when I got done! I had no idea. I would have guessed I didn't plane 1000' is 6 months. It's no wonder my plane blades get unexpectedly dull.

It took about a second to plane the length of the 44"door. That's a surprising(to me) less than 300 seconds of actual planing to do 1000'. I had no idea! Never thought about it before. An hour of planing would log some serious miles.

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I'm underestimating planing
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