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Re: "It's a waste of time to make stanley irons"

david weaver
By the way, the simonds files come from someone close to you (leesport), at least relatively. They're imported, but somehow still good quality. The interrupted tooth is very helpful for flat filing. I have yet to run through enough to send them to get water honed, but that's next (along with the vixens).


I just looked up vixens and I don't know if I'd use them on metal at new price. Somehow, I've managed to find them on ebay in packs of five (NOS) for $5-$8 each. I've made two infill planes and a whole bunch of other stuff and I'm not sure if I've gone through one yet - perhaps may be on the second one. It would grate my senses a little bit to abuse a pferd body file that costs $50.

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