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Re: Hand tool work in the state parks?

david weaver
Not sure about the state parks, but I'm sure that you've seen the substantial amount of literature and educational material that the national parks put out teaching about the use and care of hand tools (especially with respect to axes and saws).

Many state parks around here are still a refuge from encroaching electrical everything and, of course, the national parks have some of the last remaining non-running bathrooms that I've seen (that are intended for high volume).

With lack of power, I wouldn't be surprised if there is some staff that's seriously good with hand tools and less enthusiastic about them than we are. My grandfather was a machine with an axe, chain saw (that doesn't count, but nobody in my lifetime was in the woods just with an axe) and a maul. He appreciated the tools to some extent, but valued the finished product more. In his later years, his favorite splitting axe splintered a handle one too many times and he fixed it by welding a solid steel handle into it. It was unforgiving to use....

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