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forgot the hand held metal bandsaw..

david weaver
.or whatever you'd call it. The kind of saw that someone would use to cut tube on a worksite. It's not good like a "real metal bandsaw" would be, but it does do the roughing a lot easier than a handsaw.

I already had that, though, and will use it again in the future at some point to waste material from infill plane side and bottom dovetail sockets.

So, as it turns out, I don't have the "right" tools do make irons, but I have a lot of tools. I think the bandsaw probably cuts 15 minutes off of the process of making an iron and saves fighting a hand hacksaw in thin long pieces of steel. It has limited cut depth, but you can't have everything for $99.

The important draw that's left is doing something by hand - filing to a line, floating to width with a vixen, etc. Both very satisfying. Nothing difficult like learning to use a machine tool, and no sense of observing work vs. being in the middle of it.

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