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Re: Putting a handle on a knife? *LINK*

John Aniano in Central NJ
Hi Wiley and Jeremy,

Wiley, thanks for the kind words regarding the knife I made for you! Hope you've mad good use of it.

Jeremy, to cover a knife blade with leather, just cut it carefully to fit and use scarf or tapered thickness joints. A sharp blade (razor blade) can be used to taper the leather from the back. Cut into a hard piece of maple or even glass to get a nice clean scarfed edge. Use white or yellow glue on the leather back and carefully affix the leather to the knife blank. Use wide rubber bands (cut into a strip) and wind around the leather to clamp it in place while the glue dries. When done, remove the rubber band clamp and wipe with a damp cloth to remove any squeezed out glue. Done!

If you wanted to make wooden scales, check out my web page showing how to make and install a wood handle. It's easy!


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