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Putting a handle on a knife?

Jeremy Osner
I have a knife blade that I'd like to to set in a wooden handle. I've never done that before. How would I go about it? The blade is very skinny, it's 1.8mm by 4mm, 5 inches long. I was thinking about getting a long 2mm drill bit and drilling a mortise for the blade but it seems like it would be really difficult to keep the mortise straight? Maybe I could do it if I clamped the handle in place on my drill press -- the wood I want to use for the handle is currenly square so that should be feasible. Or the other thing I could do is cut the handle in half. cut out a mortise with saw and chisel, and then glue it together. That is sounding more reasonable idea as I think about it.

Any other way of doing this that I'm missing? The knife is a "western pattern blue steel woodworking knife" from Japan Woodworker.

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