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Wiley Horne
Think through the making process in detail. There will be a dozen or two dozen steps where an error of 1/100” will result in a visible error where the blade edge finally meets the stone. And this is assuming the grinder arbor is exactly parallel to the grinder housing flange (which you’ll be building to). And you’re going for trueness in three dimensions—you’re making a sculpture.

Now some of these errors will cancel, and some will be additive—but the net will be some visible out-of-whackness.

An alternative to moving the grinder to get things true, is to make a screw adjust to one end of the fence on the blade holder. You still might need a slight shim under one side of the grinder to true the rig vertically.

All work, hand or machine, has a tolerance. Knowing this, and allowing for it, makes you master of the situation.


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