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I stand corrected *PIC* ()

david weaver
I haven't noticed a difference in poplar, but it's so variable - some is like styrofoam.

Dark heart beech vs sap side, yes.

Cherry heart vs. sap, definitely.

Much of the literature floating around from the last century or so seems to be aimed at structural use, and I doubt the difference between heart and sap for many of the woods matter too much in a 2x4. I'm sure beech sap is relatively strong compared to poplar heart, and so forth.

Why planemakers would've used a small amount of sap and discarded (or let rot) a large amount of heart is probably more related to the cost of processing wood that wasn't absolutely wanted vs. wood that wasn't. I don't know enough about mill history to know when the cost of the lumber became a bigger factor than the cost of the processing.

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