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Re: Exactly what I was looking for

david weaver
At high speed, it is easy, if you have some touch.

I have a standard cast tool rest on a 6" baldor. The rest is not ideally square to the wheel. This is the fault of the rest and not the wheel, of course.

If one was to use the rest as is (even at 90 degrees), the result would be varying bevel angle or skew edge (or maybe both). I follow the front lip of the rest (this is a matter of several degrees at most, but that's a lot) off of each of the sides. This is a rest issue I've never taken any initiative to solve because I like working at the edges of the wheel to do the final work just as I liked using a crown.

I'd imagine faffing with the rest (vs. buying more off anything) would allow resolution to this, but one thing I've learned with hand tools over the years - learning to work around the flaw in something is often FAR easier than fixing the flaw.

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