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Re: Question for CBN grinding wheel users?

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Phillip, as I have mentioned before, a crown is unnecessary since the CBN wheel is truly flat and you will not get a catch. You can move the blade squarely into the wheel, or you can apply more pressure to one side of the blade or the other. A light touch offers great precision.

Because the face of the wheel is so flat and does not change shape, it is possible to set it up as per a Tormek, that is, square the blade holder to the wheel and run the blade along the face. This produces an even and smooth grind every time.

There is nothing to square up. As a result, since the wheels grind so cool, you can safely grind to the edge of the blade.

This is the grind on a new 180 grit CBN wheel (I get a smoother finish 5 years down the track) on a 1" PM-Vll chisel blade ...

2 or 3 strokes on a Medium Spyderco ...

and 2 or 3 strokes on an Ultra Fine Spyderco ...

The irony is that the grind is so good, you do not need to do it much! This grind is good for many sharpenings.

This is my set up ...

Here's a bonus: I made a scraper out of the rear of a Veritas O1 blade (3/16" thick). This is hollow ground on the CBN wheel - just enough to raise a very fine wire ...

Best scraper in the world!

Regards from Perth


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