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Re: Question for CBN grinding wheel users?

david weaver
For narrow items, I lazily allow them to sit on the CBN wheel without moving. Things like chisels, of course.

I missed the crown when I went to CBN because I was used to having that point of contact accuracy.

For wider blades, if the hollow is cut too much to one side or the other, I move the iron up the opposite side of the wheel slightly (my rest is always set at 90 degrees - something i didn't do right away, but that alleviates issues of differing iron thickness, tapered thickness chisels...all kinds of stuff).

My wheel is radius edge, so if I want something more similar to the old crowned feel, I'll work on one edge or the other.

That said, the radius is far too steep to be a crown, it just goes around the side of the wheel for who knows what...turning tools? I don't know.

very lightly holding a chisel in a single spot on the wheel feels like a party foul for a long time before you get used to it and your brain stops sounding the "it's going to burn!!" alarm

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