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David Weaver
level grain like test one. Some of these boards have darker heart. This one is all sap in the planing test, but the heart on the other side of the board isn't particularly dark. Not sure if the board is just less dense in general, but the O1 iron planed more mass of sap in this test than the V11 iron did of heart in the first test.

I can only speculate about whether or not it's the difference in heart vs. sap or board vs. board, or both. I think it's probably both.

The second board that I planed had upward sloping grain, but it was still heart (but lighter heart than the first board). That was the board that I used for the 3v vs. v11 vs. m4, and it also planed more favorably (but nothing like the sap in this test).

Separate side fact - the O1 iron is definitely harder than the XHP iron. Not by too much, but it's actually easier to roll up a burr on the XHP iron. I will have to do the next two at a lower temper temperature. I don't want it much harder, but a tiny bit might be worthwhile. I think 25 degrees F will gain about 1 C on the rockwell scale. I'd have to guess this one at 60/61 at most.

After subjecting the tested O1 iron to the washita again, I think it's probably at least 62.

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