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Today I planed a few inches *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I am in awe of David's effort. Mine is pedestrian by comparison, but more what someone does building stuff, in this case the door frames for a corner cupboard. I had a few minutes before I needed to go to town this AM which I spent gluing up one door. Before assembly I took two shavings off the inner edge of the rails to get a head start on final surface preparation. Requirements were to remove a few thousandths of wood and not get torn grain. I can't remember for what or when I last used the plane. If it failed and I had to sharpen the door would not be in the clamps before I left and not be set when I got back. It went well.

Upon returning from lunch I needed to level slight irregularities at the intersection. Again I called upon the plane to reliably remove a few thousandths of high spot without tear out. I have no control of grain orientation for this task. The doors were glued up for best appearance not best planing. The plane was sharp enough and it all went well. Probably a total of 15' of shavings. I'll assume the plane will be good enough for whatever comes next and it went back on the shelf. I have a finish to sand to get ready for a 3rd coat of varnish which I would like to do in the AM when it is cool.

Shown is the test panel (more yellow than in reality). It has been varnished and the first sealer coat sanded level. At this stage it is dull. I can't see how some pristine planed surface would have any effect on this or latter appearance. Hence, so long as I don't get torn grain I have a surface good enough to proceed to sanding.

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Today I planed a few inches *PIC*
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