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david weaver

3,075 feet worth of shavings

How do you spot a shop-made iron where the maker strugged? First part -shop made, rounded top edge. Struggle? Look at the later adjuster. It's off center because the slot isn't ideally made, but I have ideas to make the second one much neater. I have a serious distaste for irons where a square iron requires the lateral adjuster to be set way away from center. Once this iron started to air harden from over heating, it was downhill from there until I was cleaning the slot with a cutoff wheel in an angle grinder instead of filing it. Never a good sign.

A cherry edge - reflective, though the camera absolutely will not allow you to see reflections, I just tricked it a little into showing the top of the soda can reflecting on the edge. This is sharpened with a washita - this kind of shine is hard to get with carbon steel. I'm dumbfounded about why the iron leaves such a bright finish. Is it right at the limit of the washita? I don't know.

The biggest surprise so far has been 3,075 feet of shavings out of one sharpening without needing front hand pressure on the plane, albeit with very favorable wood (subjectively, the sap in this piece of beech feels more like cherry, but it accepts the iron edge at the beginning of the cut a little better (it's probably more dense).

I will finish this off tonight and see how many more feet it goes. At the outset, I was just hoping that it wouldn't make a worse house-made iron than O1.

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