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Re: Question for the Metalworkers

david weaver
Red, continued to cut when cool, but obviously operation at red (in frustration, trying to win a one hole war of the red metals) ends up hot filing or whatever you'd refer to it as, the end of the bit.

Even the "minor diameter" created at the end continued to cut, so I figured that it can not only lose its temper, but regain hardness once it cools again by air hardening, probably at some cost of the structure in the metal.

At any rate, if it does reharden, I should be able to cut off the point and grind some off then (at a "not" high temperature) and turn this into a semi-garbage bit for this kind of thing in the future.

This is what happens when you introduce a carbon steel user to stuff that does things carbon steel doesn't. Good quality bits, carbon steel, a dot of fluid (or even none) and you can drill right through.

I re-looked at XHPs tempering schedule again today and it's 3 C-scale points softer at 800 degrees than it is at 400. I'm guessing the only way to anneal it again is to get well above a thousand degrees and then force it to cool slowly. Something I'm not prepared to do.

Next go around will involve much more fluid.

(Of course, I'm aware that this stuff can be sent to a shop that does this stuff well, but the draw of trying things out is too strong).

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