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Question for the Metalworkers

david weaver
So, I have a nice norseman set of jobber bits. They are "nice for a woodworker", and in my opinion, nice all around.

I burned the tip of one yesterday in a context with the XHP, realizing that i could grind it back at some point. I'm assuming that HSS bits will air harden and retain some hardening.

But, I have a ruined tip that needs to come off of the bit. I can regrind and resharpen freehand, but I'm not as clear about method of getting something like a quarter inch off of a fairly large bit.

Will the bit be OK if I cut the end off with a cutoff wheel and then grind off a little bit and regrind? If i'm the kind of person who would completely ignore the heat treat schedule on XHP, heat it really hot and dip it in oil and then throw it in the oven, am I being overly hesitant to even ask this question? :\

I didn't see anyone who did what I did with XHP, but I'm sure fixing messed up drill bits is more common (or is that something people hire out, too?).

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