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Experimenting with XHP

David Weaver
reading through smc posts, it looks like someone there, Patrick Chase, had an iron xrf-ed to find CTS-xhp as a likely candidate.

So, I read the heat treat sheet and it said something that I thought I could do by eye and kitchen oven. What i can't do is abide by the heat treat instructions because the stainless wrap impedes what I need to see.

So I just heated it very high by eye (shooting for dark yellow color before quenching in oil and broke a bunch of rules. It's not particularly pleasant to work by common tools like 01 is.

The cost of this stuff makes it not worth buying anything other than lvs finished irons, but I have a curiosity problem.

The surface yielded by this iron is much brighter on the same abrasive than o1, and the planing resistance is less.

The pile is beech sap, 3075 feet worth so far. I don't have more beech heart without ruining good wood.

I did damage two norseman has bits, though. A little bit of bit heat and the stuff hardens never to be annealed again by a home shop worker without threatening the fine carbides.


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