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washita only, both sides, freehand - 901 feet

David Weaver
This is a relatively unexpected result - the washita used with the 1 micron diamond, but carefully sharpened freehand (somewhere between 30 and 35 degrees) and then stropped briskly on bare leather.

901 feet.

This isn't a lilywhite washita, it's a little harder and finer (and more dense) and fairly close to a translucent in edge quality, just not quite as bright of a polish.

This is the center of the board and the heart is just changing over to sap right at the end of this test, so maybe that aided it some.

This is one of my favorite stones to use because of the seeming sharpness but ability to use one stone and leather, so now, maybe by chance, the test ends with results justifying use of one of my favorite stones. Better than I expected.

I also expected this to better the 1 micron diamond polish on the back.

No real idea what grit equivalent this stone would be but it cuts no matter how settled in it gets, just gets a little slower. It has a hand written card in it noting that it was used by a carver and later factory supervisor for a furniture factory in indiana, circa 1915 as the date given for its use.

Now, how could it do better than the black stone? I think the most likely culprit is hand honing and being less than 35 degrees, but enough of a bevel so that there was no early chipping.

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