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Kent B
On their web site at $750. Always wanted one simply because. I think it is a piece of art, actually.

I remember some years ago on a different site some guy had an unused pair, consecutively numbered, from the original release, thought he owned the Holy Grail and priced them accordingly. Dunno whatever happened there, but I wasn't that crazy.

Never got a 4 because I have a 3 [1-3/4"] , and the 4 [2"] seemed too close in width to make sense to me, so got a 4-1/2C [2-3/8"] at a very good price.

Plus I have a 62 which takes care of the 2" width, longer sole, shooting board, 2d base, left field - all 'round utility player.

But still............. running through stuff to see what I could sell off.

- 4-1/2C
- 2 sets unused Veritas drawbore pins
- Lightly used Hock narrow marking iron
- Unused large Blue Spruce marking knife
- Veritas smoothing plane really hasn't earned its keep - lightly used. Cards & Stanley #80 can haul that freight
- Keep the even fraction or odd fraction Matsumuras and sell the others. Maybe 4 of those
- 3 LN Mortise chisels
- Getting pretty close, IMO

Like Jimmy Johnson trading for Herschel Walker ...............


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