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david weaver
I well remember the 4 1/2 craze. I had an LN and several stanleys at one point. Tried record, Millers falls, too. Sold the last one that I had two weeks ago (a bedrock with a bite out of it).

The nice thing about their popularity is that I broke even over the entire group after netting out fees.

Patrick is right about the popularity of the 4 1/2 in the UK (whether or not he speculates the right reason, I don't know - but it may have been due to advertising). When the global shipping program opened up on ebay, I was able to get two older crisp record 4 1/2s for $30 plus $25 shipping to the US. When I tired of them, they paid the fees on the sales of the others.

Pricing of planes in different places is a strange thing. Record 8s of the older type are, I guess, not that common. I had to pay $240 to separate the English from one of their nice vintage Record 8s, and about the same to pry a Sorby 7 from English bidders.

(4 1/2s from stanley's english works and the record types are still very inexpensive. I also wanted to try the laminated irons in the record planes, as their ad copy was convincing about finer grain and much longer wearing. The ones I have actually don't wear as well as the better stanley irons, so that was a waste. But they look neat and have a good story).

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