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LN #4 1/2 in bronze ()

david weaver
Am I correct that the originals were about $750 US or something like that? I think there may have been some white bronze planes in the past, too, or were these that? Those being $900 or something.

I'm never the buyer of those kinds of things and can't remember them, but it's interesting that they still had quantity later - presumably it's better to just pull stock than it is to lower the price on something "limited edition").

A 4 1/2 is a nice plane to use on wood that's already flat (e.g., if I actually had a good power planer that left a mostly good quality surface) and take overlapping smoothing shavings from left to right. Hopefully it's not over 6 pounds or so - at some point, planes become heavy enough that you can't feel tearout or surface issues occurring when you can feel them in another plane.

Cadillac over a turtle theory. If you run over a box turtle on a bicycle, you'll be keenly aware of it. If you do it with a cadillac, you'll perhaps say "what was that noise?", or maybe not even that.

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