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It's interesting that what we're finding..
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Use of the shooting board ()

david weaver
....with this relatively brief study is a lot of things we weren't really looking for.

I doubt at the outset of this, you were looking to find a way to extend the edge life of your planes in end grain.

I wasn't looking to change my technique or even use V11 in the long term (that's still up in the air). I wanted to view a whole bunch of other things that I may still view (like pictures of failures around sharpening errors, the effect of dragging a plane in duration instead of lifting...actually, i may do that tonight while I still have a little bit more heart left in the beech test board. Anyway, the effect of setting a plane down with some vim a few times on a bench top (I still lay my planes on their sides. It'll never make a difference in duration, but I can imagine I could deflect a fresh edge).

At any rate, I'm super thankful that Phil was nice enough to provide me with a proper cast lap (with some heft, even) - something he didn't have to do. It's just dandy, and I will continue to use it. I will be working the backs of irons on it pretty much no matter what. The test last night with washita and 1 micron back honing confirms what I suspected - little sharpening effort, edge life as good as a black ark (I have two black ark stones that are as good as any arkansas stone in the world - I've been through probably 20 trans and black stones before getting them).

I also learned through you guys that my fascination with protecting edges has probably paid off at least in some cases (using shooting planes and planing end grain). Laziness prevents me from wanting to go back and sharpen those planes to remove quality issues, and quality issues often end up affecting longevity. Maybe not on average on the long run, but two or three failing edges in a row is enough to start throwing hammers across the shop.

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