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One more wildcard- Washita and 1 micron-768 feet

David Weaver
hand honed bevel side (probably mid 30s in terms of angle) and 1 micron diamond back bevel.

Another lazy man's special that suggests pairing a very fine diamond finish on the back with a medium natural stone produces a pretty good edge duration.

I love the washita, the way it feels and am not looking to give it up in favor of a diamond hone.

Curious as to what I would do in a "Real life" scenario maintaining a single secondary bevel with one stone, but trying to cheat by improving the finish on the back of the iron with 1 micron diamonds (ruler trick in this case because the back bevel is there).

768 feet. I think that's pretty favorable. This is a relatively fine washita, but it would cut the bevel on the O1 iron four times before needing to go back to the grinder, and the feeling of using it vs. a diamond plate is heavenly.

Avoiding a second angle with 1 micron diamonds on the bottom prevents more steepness, adding it just on the back seems to add a considerable amount as the stone is less fine and much faster than the black ark.

This is also well ahead of any of the trials that I threw out with the 2.5 micron diamond (and much sharper feeling and smoother in the cut - less effort).

Cycle time with this would be similar to the 1 1/2 minutes that I refer to elsewhere.

Surface finish is behind the black ark and well behind the 1 micron diamond in terms of brightness, but still good and uniform. No marks, no strange edge failures, just pleasant planing.

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