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Re: varibles affecting this experiment

david weaver
I, too, bought the low angle block plane. An inexpensive one, as well as a LN 60 1/2 (the other was a stanley 60 1/2, vintage). They both worked OK. The LN lasted longer in work.

For all but the smallest work, they are absolutely the wrong tool for the job, fatiguing a user and possibly flat out having the wrong thing in the user's hand if the job is more than just cosmetic touch up on a tiny surface.

Both of mine are now long gone. I still have a stanley 18, but I couldn't tell you anything that I've done with it that I couldn't do with a one hand grab on a stanley 4. It has probably planed about 75 feet in five years, mostly because I think it's novel looking and once in a while, I look at it more closely to make sure it's not rusting while the bottom is hidden under it.

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