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I tried it. ()

david weaver
Thank you, Warren. Getting these results are part setup and part control of the plane. Thanks partially to your encouragement over time, I have learned to control a plane and get more out of it than I ever thought I could.

Like you say, things will continue (cut wise) if you're willing to abuse yourself. The O1 was still cutting when I stopped, but the force required was getting extremely high and putting me in pain. V11 was skipping at the beginning of the cut at that point, and that's not recoverable, but after that number of feet, who cares...i'd have sharpened half of the way through. Same for O1 - it cut the whole time with no damage, but 2 minutes of sharpening probably would've yielded a huge gain in lack of wear and tear on the user.

I was surprised by this result, but I've never tried to quantify it, and knew it would cause some static - static that would go away if other people just tried the same. I think as a result of this, more people who are not expert planers will be confident that they can put wood in a vise and plane the end to a mark. Their satisfaction in the shop will increase because of it.

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