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Re: V11 vs. O1 end grain - different results

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
What wood again was it that you used for your testing?

I'm sure (Well, not sure, but suspect) that variance of wood in these tests could greatly favor one iron over another if you could find something that favored wear resistance vs. toughness and so on.

David, the last lot was back in 2013, but I have done this on-and-off for many years, reporting results all the time. The tests were aimed at "real world" usage. This involved looking at the quality of the finish as well, along with whether the blade edge was still sharp enough to work. A plane session ended when the blade could no longer cleanly shave end grain radiata pine. Photos were taken at each step (all on my website).

The end grain shavings also were those that I would take when doing actual furniture-making ...

This is what I was shooting ...

The wood is West Australian Curly Marri. It is not quite as hard or as abrasive as Jarrah. You asked me about it once on SMC, looked it up yourself, and reported "Google janka hardness says 1600, or slightly harder than hard maple, and I'm sure the curl makes it plane even harder".

Incidentally, in addition to the Clifton O1, I have also use a Japanese Smoothcut, which is not your average O1 steel. This outperformed both the Clifton and the LN A2. After 60 sides, it was still producing a clean result ...

And this is the performance at that stage on the end grain Radiata Pine ...

Very impressive. But not as good as PM-V11.

Regards from Perth


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