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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I could complete several pieces of furniture without edge failure with David's result. I can't. There is a variable or variables going on here that are not recognized. The three of us are experiencing vastly different results. I predicted David would be planing tens of feet before seeing substantial damage. He planed hundreds. I would like to identify what is different for it would vastly improve my use of the shooting board if the technique could be translated to the shooting board.

I gather David has a board mounted vertical in a vice? He is planing with 35 degree bevel, me 30. A very heavy plane. End point is lift. Yours? Mine-won't pick up a shaving on shooting board. If end grain planing is akin to chiseling end grain the bevel angle could be a huge difference. What about board orientation? What else. Technique? blade entry?

This was supposed to be a trivial experiment. Didn't turn out that way. Why will lead to a discovery.

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