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Warren - cycle time...

david weaver
Using the method with the guides, off of the grinder (so potentially 30 seconds faster than an edge not straight off of the grinder, I'd guess).

3 minutes and 45 seconds from lifting the lever cap off of the plane to setting the iron.

I had a separate plane that I used to plane the filthy end off of the endgrain test board. A stanley with another O1 iron that i made, similar to the one in this test, perhaps ever so slightly softer, but not much.

1 minutes and 20 seconds cycle time with a "1200 grit" diamond plate and 1 micron cast iron, plus a short bit of time on the bare leather strop. 1 minute and 40 seconds total out of the plane to back in with a normal smoother set of the cap iron. That iron was not freshly ground, but it matters little when I'm freehanding. I can bring more to bear on the initial work on the cutting stone, and have much more control ensuring that every stroke works the entire edge from corner to corner.

No back bevel on my regular user plane. The edge from each process is indistinguishable, but it's difficult to specify this method for a test like this when I don't hone the entire bevel or measure the secondary that I create.

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