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V11 vs. O1 end grain ()

David Weaver
I expected to see little lines on the end grain as this test progressed, but not a single line of damage or nicking showed up on the end of the boards at any point with either iron.

The edge pictures show the same story - no damage at all, just wear.

The most miserable test to perform by a factor of 5, but I may question whether or not I put the damage in the iron going forward when I see lines on end grain. That's probably from contamination.

I have some other interesting pictures from this process that are unrelated to sharpening. There is some brown filth that accumulates on the cap iron and stains it. You can't wipe it off with your fingers. IT looks like ash (like from something that was overheated), but it doesn't smell like anything, and it would if it had actually been burnt. Is it some kind of dirty particles that are contained in the wood? I don't know.

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