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Kato and Kawai on "wedge angle"

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
They are calling the bevel angle wedge angle. They studied, without cap iron, effect of wedge angle in range of 26 to 35 degrees, on planing force and surface quality. Bedding at 50 degrees and shaving thickness 50 micron(.002"). Steel is Kigami.

Between 26 and 32 degrees there was not much difference in cutting forces or tip wear. Cutting resistance went up as blade dulled ( or blade dulled) at a greater rate at 35 degrees.

At 35 degrees normal force went positive at 50 meters vs 150 m for lower angles when planing a wood with density of 0.43, Beihi.
Don't have translation of wood surface description but pictures look all about the same to me.

This seems to be the first disagreement between your work and K&K. For a shaving lifter it would seem that 35 degrees is bad news. The angle should be kept under 32. From 26 to 32 data look nearly the same. It is little wonder all the rest of the Japanese papers use 30 degrees.

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